But it is also the only Giants score the first 8 Council

Atlanta Braves second baseman Brooks Conrad generation of class today (11) appears three times a single field failure, 9 Council over the cave on the fatal train, leaving a successful reversal of the San Francisco Giants scored winning points, and closing the Warriors to 2 to 3 home defeat, the Giants won the first 2 wins and draw.

As Martin Prado injured, the Warriors in the playoffs for the poor defensive third baseman second base Conrad on behalf of the class, the result in this game lead to disaster. 2 Board in connection with his fly ball mistakes, so hit triples on the base of Mike Fontenot, easy to score back to home plate.

But it is also the only Giants score the first 8 Council, the Warriors starting pitcher Tim Hudson pitched seven strikeouts Board voted 5 times out, although the 4 four bad ones, but only gave up four hits and lost a non-self-blame points.

The Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez struck out in the game which put on shows, Bureau soared 7.1 out of 11 strikeouts, 1 time only four bad throws, but only gave up 2 hits. But he gave up at 8 the next Council hits the first two post-exit, Sergio Romo took over and the situation came to a pinch of Eric Hinske belted by 2 points shot, so the Warriors the lead.