After Halladay (Roy Halladay) Show Shenwei force yesterday threw no-hitter

After Halladay (Roy Halladay) Show Shenwei force yesterday threw no-hitter, after creating history, with the strong vote for the Cy Young Linse Kang (Tim Lincecum) without their expertise in the former, not only at home today in complete 9 Council, only to be knocked two hits, and even Hurricane single game strikeout total of 14 K turned the Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants whistle led 1 to 0 pretty shutout opponents.

Known as "The Freak (Monster)," said Linse Kang really its name, today's strong run into enemies to vote entirely to show the style of the Celeron. Linse Kang in complete nine innings, only one Qiju been (Omar Infante) and McCain (Brian McCann) 1 On each play, and even Hurricane 14 strikeouts for the fans in the outfield wall of K map, complete blockade of the Warriors fire, coupled with its own Board under the wire in four, relying on Percy (Buster Posey) of hits and stolen bases, and Ross (Cody Ross) On timely knock meritorious deeds, so that the giant whistle 1 to 0 win over the Warriors won the first victory.

After the ball today voted 119 to spend 2 hours and 26 minutes race Linse Kang, in addition to winning the first career win in the playoffs, but also to 14K become a major league postseason history, 12 patients completed the data is strong vote.