Important Tips to Create An Oil Painting

Original oil paintings are undoubtedly one of the most cherished possessions of any art lover. But playing around with oil and colours and creating an oil painting is not child's play. Oil paintings are versatile and it takes a great deal of patience and efforts to make an oil painting. Here are tips for beginners to help you create an oil painting:

Use polymer-bonded paint at under layer

Oil paints take more time to tail off. So it will be a good idea if you start with polymer-bonded paints as they take fairly less time. You can always apply oil paint over polymer-bonded paint. Don't use cream color black colour at under painting as this colour takes lots of time to dry up.

Usage of tones

Use tones which contain manganese, cobalt and lead and mix them with other colours. As tones secure the process of drying out up, using them is good for under layers.

Fat over lean

Follow the concept of Contemporary Oil Painting over lean. The bottom layer of the paint absorbs oil from the second layer. Hence it is important that you increase the amount of oil for each subsequent layer. Failing to do so would ultimately lead to the great of the lower layer.

Get the high quality brushes

Invest in a good set of paint brushes. Don't go for any cheap brushes available in the market as they have the tendency to shed bristles. , nor use nylon brushes for oil painting. It is also essential to take good care of your brushes. Always use a good quality brush cleaner to clean the brushes regularly.

Hold it right

Never hold your oil brush like a pen. Instead hold it from the middle or from the end of the handle.

Sufficient light

Irrespective you paint,Modern Oil Painting be it outdoors or inside your home, there needs to be sufficient light. Having adequate light doesn't strain the eyes and you can even see the correct shade of the colours. If you want to paint in the open, make sure there will do sunlight. And if painting indoors, have a good indoor light.

Good setting up

The chemicals present in the thinners and cleaners have toxic elements. Hence, make sure the studio room you are painting in has a proper setting up system installed.

Don't dry in the dark

Never leave your oil painting to dry in the dark as it can certainly cause the paint turn yellow.

Observe the work of other artists

If you are feeling a bit worried, then don't just give up. Instead, get up and go to see the oil paintings in galleries. Or check out the online galleries and look at the numerous waste extraordinary art work there. It would be great if you buy an original oil paintings from such fine art gallery, hang it in your room and study it closely from time to time and whenever you feel low, just have a view it. Viewing art works of other artists would definitely get you going.

It is not easy to make an famous oil paintings. It requires a lot of time, patience and practice before you turn out a extraordinary good article. Hence keep working hard and never give up.