best sell Top ten Oil Works of art for 2010, vehicle Gogh Continues Rule

online gallery wholesale-canvas-art.com revealed its annual Top 10 canvas art rankings for

2011. Topping oil paintings the list is Vincent vehicle Gogh's masterpiece "stores an almond tree in flowers. inch

Other artists on the 2010 list are called Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso

Vehicle Gogh continues its rule in the best-selling artist this year. According to statistics

wholesale-canvas-art.com, van Gogh's magnum opus "Starry Night" was the world's most popular

oil painting just last year and the most popular oil works of art of the last decade. He's received

consistently over a number of art works in the top 10 list,

The top oil paintings sold online for wholesale-canvas-art.com are:

. 1 "Branches of Contemporary Oil Painting Almond Tree in Blossom" -- Vincent van Gogh 2 "Starry Night" --. Vincent vehicle Gogh. 3 "The Kiss" -- Gustav Klimt 4 "Cafe Terrace at Night" --. Vincent vehicle Gogh. 5 "Garden Path at Giverny -- Claude Monet 6 "Poppies near Argenteuil" --. Claude Monet 7 "Sunflowers" --. Vincent vehicle Gogh 8 "The Old Guitar player. inch -- Pablo Picasso 9 "Untitled, 1949. inch -- Mark Rothko. 10 "Tree of Life" -- Gustav Klimt 11, garden painting 12 mother god oil works of art 13 Mediterranean sea 14 venice city 15 other most well known works of art top ten list is presented annually by popular demand published, "are the consumers know

what is best in the sale of interest because it allows them to keep up-to-date with latest trends

and decoration to know what pictures are the hottest and most sought after on the market. inch

2010 http://www.wholesale-canvas-art.com sold more than 50000 oil works of art. They are one of the most

successful Web retailers of People Canvas Art Set wall decor items with more than 20, 000 visitors daily and

120, 000 loyal customers.

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