The two sides are satisfied with the talks

In addition to the contract, the Yankees and Jeter talked about fielding part of the range of movement even shrinking in recent years, the 36-year-old players are still the team set a lot of the previous contribution, the next one to two years, he is still a team main shortstop; Kitt has just received his fifth seat 10 Gold Gloves. Rod plays for the team but also to exchange views with the Kit, if the result was no progress, the status of his fear of not meeting the preceding rod protection.

The two sides are satisfied with the talks, as to whether the business is whether the transaction, or may apply to the "money" look. Kitt broker Kelao Se (Casey Close) last week said, "Baseball is a commercial activity, and for the team of Kit can not be overstated. And no one can behave Biji Te warm champion."...