Nevertheless, Crawford to be the record holder

The double play to play then? This is only 7 years of his career more than Crawford's 24 double plays, also on July 10 last year after the War of the Yankees hit the first double play. In other words, the two pairs separated by 239 at bats hit kill.

And the career numbers (4022 hits, up to 10) shows that on average to 168 at bats to appear a second double play, with visible let Crawford out how difficult teammates.

Nevertheless, Crawford to be the record holder, was a good effort from now, according to data up to play major league hit record of the number of unparalleled killed by the Dodgers shortstop Rafael Furcal maintained by 664 at bats, followed by former Cubs outfielder Augie Galan of 646 at bats. Today (11) game, radiance 9 to 5 blows Angels win, Crawford surrendered four 2,1 RBI performance, the other two at bats? 4 Bureau of outfield fly balls, six Board is under no one on base roll to hit into the infield.